Alan Grayson on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Oct 11, 2010


Congressman Grayson takes the position that the US's involvement in Afghanistan should have ended after we removed the Taliban from power. He notes that no country has benefitted from a prolonged war and that the US accomplished it's military goals in Afghanistan long ago. He states that the US does not have the financial or political capital to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely.

Congressman Grayson has also stated that the US is enslaved to a military that has no justifiable reason to be so large and has compared the current political environment to the Orwell novel 1984. 


The War is Over, We Won


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Daily KOS Article

On May 30, 2010, Congressman Grayson posted a diary entry on the Daily KOS noting his opposition to the war in Iraq and opposition to escalation in Afghanistan.


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