Betsy Markey on Immigration

Last Updated : Sep 01, 2010

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Our immigration system is in crisis. I do not support amnesty, but I do support civility in the immigration discussion. Too often the debate is clouded by inflammatory rhetoric which hinders true immigration reform.
Our immigration system is in urgent need of reform. Current estimates suggest that there are as many as 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States today. These immigrants have become integrated into all aspects of our society, from our education system to the workforce.

We need to find a solution for immigration reform which provides enhanced security on our borders, protects small businesses and the U.S. economy, and allows those who contribute to the economy to continue to do so. I believe workplace employee verification programs are essential, as we need to ensure that employers have the means to verify the status of their employees. In order for true reform to happen, we need to have a plan that includes both solutions for undocumented immigrants who are already residing in the U.S. as well as preventative measures that start at the border.

We need to have a visa system in place that recognizes the positive impact immigrants have had, in addition to ensuring that important agricultural industries in Colorado can get the workers they need legally so that our crops are not dying in the fields. Finally, it is absolutely vital that we ensure our borders are protected and secure. To that end, I support increased funding for border security so that our agents have the resources they need to do their jobs.



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