Ben Quayle - Controversies

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While on a fact finding trip to Israel in August of 2011, Congressman Yoder had dinner with a few other Congressmen and a number of Congressional aides. After dinner, several members of the delegation decided to swim in the Sea of Galilee, which was nearby.rnAmong the members participating in the swim were Florida Congressman Steve Southerland and his daughter; New York Congressman Tom Reed and his wife, Arizona Congressman Ben Quayle, California Congressman Jeff Denham, and and New York Co ...


In August of 2007, Ben Quayle assisted in founding a site called The site consisted of a number of club goers in the Scottsdale, Arizona scene posting pictures of women at clubs in the area and discussing them. Mr Quayle posted under the name "Brock Landers," a name used in the movie Boogie Nights as the lead character's screen name in pornographic movies.rnWhen initially confronted with his involvement in the site in August of 2010, Mr Quayle asserted that he was ...