Ann Kirkpatrick on Social Security

Last Updated : Oct 04, 2010

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Social Security


Social Security is an unshakable commitment our Nation has made to protect seniors, disabled workers, their families, and their survivors. Now, during this economic downturn, seniors are counting on Social Security more than ever. After years of hard work, they deserve the peace of mind that Social Security provides. Protecting Social Security has been a priority for me during my first term in Congress, and I am dedicated to defending this tremendously successful program.

I have and will continue to fight against any proposal to hand over seniors' Social Security to Wall Street CEOs to gamble in the stock market. The financial stability that Social Security provides is just too important to put into a risky privatization scheme.

I also understand that Social Security as it stands today is not perfect. Washington cannot keep shirking its responsibility to ensure Social Security's long-term health. I will not, however, accept reforms that tear down Social Security in order to build up Wall Street banks. We have improved Social Security in the past without destroying it, and we must do so again to preserve it for the future.


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