Peter Corroon on Health Care

Last Updated : Aug 24, 2010



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Utah companies are dropping health coverage at a rate faster than any state in the nation. This is unsustainable. Many Utah companies are struggling to provide health insurance to their employees. Many citizens are losing their homes because of illness. Many citizens cannot find coverage because of pre-existing conditions or affordability of insurance plans.

As governor, I will work to:

  • Support an affordable state-based Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Support health care for children through programs like the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
  • Enhance the quality of health care. We can continue to improve the quality of health care by using best-practices and technology to help providers eliminate unnecessary medical procedures and reduce medical errors. We must also make a more serious effort to support the staffing of rural health care facilities.
  • Treat mental health on par with physical health. We should look at health care holistically and eliminate the distinctions made between mental health and physical health.
  • Reduce substance abuse through enhanced programs of education, prevention, and treatment for recovery.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles, giving more attention to health promotion and disease prevention


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