Peter Corroon on Education

Last Updated : Aug 24, 2010




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Every child can learn and every child is worth the investment. Over the last few years, hundreds of millions of dollars have been removed from Utah's general education budget while school enrollment has increased by 25%. Class sizes are increasing and Utah students are falling in national standings.

As a father, I want my children to be able to enter a well-paying job with great benefits upon graduating from one of Utah's top-ranked high schools, community colleges, and universities. As governor, I will work toward achieving this vision so every child, and every parent, can have the tools to succeed.



Every child who wants to enter college should be able to do so. However, our college students are receiving double-digit tuition increases for the second year in a row. While our college enrollment has increased by almost 13,000 new students this year, our state leaders cut the higher education budget again this year. As a result of this lack of dedication to higher education, the number of adults with a bachelor’s degree has dropped. In addition, many engineering and technology jobs go unfilled because Utah students do not have the education or experience to fill them.

As governor, I will make higher education a priority for those students who wish to achieve a college degree.

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