Gary Herbert on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Jul 27, 2010




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Energy Independence and Utah's Energy Sector

Our economy faces challenges beyond the recession. Utah stands ready to become part of the resolution of America's energy dilemma. I have established a 9-point plan to address Utah’s energy needs, and make Utah energy independent within 10 years.

I am a strong proponent of conservation. The cheapest, cleanest, easiest energy resource is the energy we save through conservation and energy efficiency. Government regulation of individual activity is a poor substitute for personal initiative. The obligation belongs to each one of us to make the changes to our lives that preserve our quality of life, and our individual liberty.

Thus, my 9-point plan relies upon free-market principles and strategic planning by state and local governments that will encourage development of our natural resources. This includes regulatory reforms that enhance the ability of the private sector to develop cutting edge technologies, expansion of Utah’s energy generation capacity, and making room for more renewable energy production.


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