Rick Perry on The Second Amendment

Last Updated : Jul 26, 2011


Governor Perry strongly supports the second amendment. He has repeatedly supported legislation to ensure the protection of the second amendment and has stated that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right of every law-abiding citizen of our country. Some of the legislation that Governor Perry has signed into law includes:

  • SB 766 - prohibits lawsuits against gun ranges, gun manufacturers, and distributors for anything carried out in lawful operation
  • House Bill 225 - extends the renewal period for a concealed handgun license from four to five years without an increase in renewal fee.
  • House Bill 322 - reduces all fees for a concealed handgun license for military members and veterans by 50 percent and lowers the age from 21 to 18 for members of the military or veterans to obtain a concealed handgun license.
  • House Bill 685 - exempts military members and veterans from taking the range portion of the concealed handgun licensing process if they had been weapons certified in the military within the past five years prior to application for the license.
  • House Bill 1483 - expands methods by which applicants for a concealed handgun license may pay the fees to include personal check, cash, and credit card. Currently only cashiers checks and money orders are accepted.
  • House Bill 823 - clarifies the current definition of “traveling” as it relates to someone carrying a firearm. Current law is ambiguous and is interpreted differently by courts and law enforcement.
  • House Bill 1038 - reduces the fee for renewal of a canceled handgun permit for senior citizen by 50 percent. The current renewal fee for a senior citizen is $70 for a four-year renewal period and this bill will reduce that fee to $35 for those 60 years of age or older.
  • SB 378 - Establishes the "Castle Doctrine" in Texas which states that occupants can use deadly force instead of fleeing when their home is attacked
  • SB 321 - allows concealed handgun carriers to leave their firearm in a locked glove box while working

While in office, Governor Perry has also signed reciprocity agreements with Georgia and Montana allowing concealed handgun carriers in those states to carry a weapon in Texas. This brought the total number of agreements to 14.

Governor Perry has also supported the Supreme Court Ruling that overturned the DC gun ban, and opposed a 2011 rule change to require that multiple sales of rifles be recorded in Texas. 


SB 766

In 2001, Governor Perry signed Senate Bill 766. This legislation prohibited lawsuits against gun ranges, gun manufacturers, and distributors for anything carried out in lawful operation. 


Child Lock Programs

In June of 2002 Governor Perry released a press statement noting state programs to provide child safety locks to those who desire them.


CHL Reciprocity

In December of 2004, Governor Perry signed concealed handgun reciprocity agreements with Georgia and Montana. This allows those with concealed handgun licenses in those states to carry concealed weapons in Texas and vice versa. Texas also has reciprocity agreements with Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah and Wyoming.


Texas State Rifle Association Speech

In February of 2005, Governor Perry released a statement noting a speech he gave to the Texas State Rifle Association.


Pro-Gun Legislation

In June of 2005, Governor Perry issued a statement noting numerous pro-gun laws that he had signed into law while in office.


The Castle Doctrine

In March of 2007, Governor Perry issued a press statement noting his support for legislation to enact the castle doctrine of self defense in Texas. The Governor signed SB 378 in March of 2007.


The DC Gun Ban

In June of 2008, Governor Perry reacted to the supreme court ruling that the gun ban in Washington DC was illegal.


Showdown with Coyote

In April of 2010, Governor Perry was jogging on trails around Austin, but within the city limits and encountered a coyote. Governor Perry used a pistol that was stuck into his belt to kill the coyote. Although the shooting took place within city limits, Governor Perry was not charged with a crime as the shooting was considered to be justified.


Firearm Locked in Glove Box

On June 19, 2011 Governor Perry signed Senate Bill 321. This legislation allows Texans with a concealed carry permit to keep their firearm in locked glove boxes in their automobile while they work.


Reaction to Reporting Requirements

In July of 2011 the Justice Department enacted new rules requiring that states that border Mexico report the sale of more than one rifle. Governor Perry responded to that move with a press statement declaring that is would solve nothing.



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