Governor Rick Perry of Texas

Name : Rick Perry
Party : Republican
State : Texas
In Office : 2000 - Present
Religion : Methodist
Birth Date : 03-04-1950
Birth Place : Paint Creek, Texas
Education : Graduated from Texas A&M with a B.S. in 1972
Previous Political Experience : Texas Lieutenant Governor from Jan 17, 1999 to Dec 21, 2000; Commissioner of Agriculture of Texas (1991-1999); Texas House of Representatives (1985-1991); Chairman of the 1988 Al Gore for President campaign in Texas;
Previous Occupation : Politician;
Positions that we are tracking for this rep: Abortion, Budget Control Act of 2011, China, Crime, Debt, Deficit, Spending, and the Size of Government, Education, Energy and the Environment, Gay Marriage, Guantanamo Bay, Health Care, Homeland Security, Immigration, International Aid, Iran, Israel, Libya, Pakistan, Property Rights, Social Security, Stem Cell Research, Supreme Court Justices, Syria, TARP, TARP and GM, Taxes, The American Jobs Act, The Constitution, The Economy, The Federal Reserve, The Second Amendment, The Stimulus, The Tenth Amendment, The War in Afghanistan, The War in Iraq, Trade Policy, Transportation, TSA, Unions, Welfare and Unemployment