Bill White on The War in Iraq

Last Updated : Oct 18, 2010


Mayor White has been critical of the spending on the war in Iraq.


Criticism of Iraq War

While campaigning for what was expected to be an open Senate seat, Mayor White was asked about his positions on Iraq and noted that he desired to focus on more economic aspects than foreign affairs. He was critical of the money that has been spent on the war.

White leveled criticism at the former Bush Administration for increasing the federal budget deficit and for using what he said were appeals to fear and greed to get political support for policies such as the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the Bush tax cuts. White asked attendees to imagine what the trillion dollars spent in Iraq could have been used for in the United States, and he said most citizens in his neighborhood are more concerned about illegal drug trade-related violence than terrorist attacks.

"It was easier to appeal to fear rather than courage," said White at the SMAD event.


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