Bill White on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Oct 18, 2010


Mayor White has indicated that while he supports operations in Afghanistan, he believes that the US needs to understand that it cannot remain in Afghanistan until there is no poverty or crime whatsoever.


Middle Ground

On Mayor White's campaign website, a new story is reproduced which gives Mayor White's response to a question about Afghanistan.

When asked by a student how the U.S. should proceed in Afghanistan, White said policymakers must work to implement the most "practical" or "minimum success scenario," rather than "wait until there's no poverty, illiteracy or opium production" before ending the U.S. military occupation. White said an acceptable minimum objective for Afghanistan would be to root out terrorist training camps, build some capital infrastructure in the country and ensure elections are conducted with a high degree of fairness -- higher than what occurred in Florida during the 2000 U.S. Presidential election, he added.

White recommended attendees read the New Republic article "Is There a Middle Way?" by Stephen Biddle, which White said he does not totally agree with but finds a "better analysis than most" -- good enough to post a link to it on his Facebook wall on Sunday.

"What the President needs to do is give a fair amount of deference to those who have operational responsibilities in the field," White said of Afghanistan policy.


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