Bill White on Taxes

Last Updated : Oct 18, 2010


Mayor White supports keeping local property taxes with local governments and supports a balanced budget. He opposed the Bush tax cuts and has stated that the Bush administration used greed to pass the cuts. He states that he is a supporter of a balanced budget for Texas and has stated that he would cut costs or increase taxes as needed to accomplish this objective.


Opposition to the Bush Tax Cuts

In 2010, Mayor White believed that Senator Hutchison would resign to seek the Texas Governor position. He began to campaign in anticipation of seeking that seat. While speaking to the San Marcos Area Democrats, Mayor White stated that the Bush administration had used greed to garner support for the Bush tax cuts.


Common Sense Debate - Property Taxes


Texas Tribune

While running for Governor, Mayor White spoke about taxes and the need to balance the budget. He refused to commit to not raising taxes stating that he would do what was necessary to balance the budget. He also states that as Mayor of Houston, he lowered taxes 5 years in a row.


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