Bill White on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Oct 18, 2010


Mayor White believes in man-made global warming. He has been consistent during the 2010 campaign that he opposes cap-and-trade legislation. However, a 2009 email to President Obama's chief of staff clearly indicates that he supports a cap-and-trade system, but that the new President should be sure to have all the ground word in place before implementing such a system. Mayor White strongly supports CAFE standards of 40 to 45 miles per gallon.


Belief in Climate Change

On his campaign website, Mayor White shows a press release which quotes the Mayor giving a speech as follows:


CAFE Standards

Mayor White has stated that he supports increasing the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards to 40 to 45 miles to the gallon.


Email to Obama Administration

In November of 2008, Mayor White dictated an email to Rahm Emanuel, the future President's Chief of Staff, in which he gave the President-Elect advice on pursuing energy policy. The email was titled "Energy Policy at the Beginning of an Administration" and outlines a four point plan:

  • Use consumer tax credits to promote vehicles with fuel efficiency above 40 miles a gallon.
  • Fund a national program to retrofit low-income housing to cut electricity consumption (this was done in weatherization programs and energy efficient appliance rebates that were included in stimulus funds).
  • Promote natural gas electrical generating plants. Perry has backed coal-fired plants.
  • Promote programs such as smart meters for electricity or rooftop solar energy.

The email goes on to state the following

Mayor White's gubernatorial team has stated that this email in no way supports a cap-and-trade program.


Governor Perry Campaign Video

Mayor White's email to President-Elect Obama and his views on global warming were used in a campaign video by Governor Perry where Mayor White can be seen stating that he believes in man-made global warming.


Stated Opposition to Cap-and-Trade

Throughout the 2010 campaign for Governor, Mayor White has insisted that he has never supported a cap-and-trade scheme to reduce global warming. Mayor White has posted several stories on his campaign website noting that he opposes cap-and-trade.


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