Bill White on Education

Last Updated : Oct 21, 2010


Bill White has stated that public education is the most important business of state government. He has stated that as governor he will implement a 5 point plan which includes

  • expanding pre-K programs
  • improving career and technical education
  • cutting dropout rates
  • letting educators teach writing, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, rather than teaching how to make a minimum score on an annual high-stakes multiple choice test
  • making college education more affordable for more Texans

Mayor White has stated that he supports charters schools and opposes vouchers. He has expressed the opinion that programs which institute nation wide testing standards require teachers to "teach to the test."


Opposition to Standardized Tests

On October 5, 2010 Mayor White released a press statement noting his beliefs that national standardized testing requires teachers to "teach to the test".


Opposition to vouchers

While answering questions in Kingwood, Texas, Mayor White stated that he opposed vouchers as allowing parents to chose a more successful private school with their tax money would remove funds that the less successful public schools needs.


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