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Last Updated : Aug 27, 2010




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I have two children in public schools and am fully invested in seeing the quality of our education improve not just for them but for all children in South Carolina. Our students deserve a government that is committed to actually improving our worst in the nation education system, not just throwing dollars at it. Money does not help a child if it has to go through thousands of bureaucrats and 85 school districts to get to the classroom. I went to a rural school in Bamberg where everyone took care of everyone else. I’ve lived in Orangeburg where teachers struggle so much with discipline they don’t have the opportunity to teach – and kids don’t have the opportunities to learn. And now I represent Lexington where every public school is like a private one. That disparity is wrong, any way you look at it. We owe it to every child in this state, no matter where they live, to make their education a priority and that means completely reforming our education funding formula.


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