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Last Updated : Aug 18, 2010




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Property Tax Reform

Tom Corbett knows that property taxes are burdensome for Pennsylvania’s families, seniors and businesses, and he believes that we must work to alleviate the property tax burden on Pennsylvanians with a realistic, comprehensive approach. He supports the reduction and elimination of property taxes if we can find a solution that guarantees reliable and equitable funding for public education and local governments. But, he does not support a shift that uses fuzzy math and unreliable revenue sources such as gaming and sales tax expansion. Employers pay 40% of the state’s sales tax. Such as expansion would leave gaping holes in the general fund and expand our sales and income tax on hard working Pennsylvanians and job creators. An expansion could slow job growth, send employers to other states and bring higher prices to consumers. Tom Corbett believes that we need to devise a property tax reform plan that achieves real millage rate reductions and does not pit one segment of Pennsylvania’s population against another. He wants to protect Pennsylvania taxpayers and find solutions based on reliable and tested revenues sources such as Marcellus Shale royalties.

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