John Hoeven on The War in Iraq

Last Updated : Jul 19, 2010


Governor Hoeven initially supported the war in Iraq, but remained silent on the surge in Iraq, and on timetables for withdrawal.


Support for Iraq War

In October of 2002, Governor Hoeven's office issued a press release stating his support for Congress's vote to go to war with Iraq.

Hoeven Commends President On Iraq Resolution, Pushes Senate On Homeland Security Bill

BISMARCK, N.D. - Governor John Hoeven today commended President George W. Bush and Congress for meeting the challenge of terrorism with a bipartisan resolution to disarm Iraq. He also called on the U.S. Senate to pass the President's Homeland Security Department legislation as soon as possible.

"Our President has recognized the danger of Saddam Hussein, and he has acted decisively to move toward ridding Iraq of weapons of mass destruction," Hoeven said. "Now, the Congress must act with the same kind of leadership, and without delay, to pass a bill creating a Department of Homeland Security to help make our country safe."

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill creating a Department of Homeland Security in July, but the bill has been delayed in the Senate for weeks.

"Recent events in Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as news of Korea's violation of nuclear arms agreements, should make clear the threat of terrorism worldwide," Hoeven said. "If there is one area on which we should all be able to agree it is that the President needs the authority and flexibility to defend our national security."


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