John Hoeven on The Economy

Last Updated : Jul 19, 2010


Governor Hoeven has been critical of the 2009 stimulus from a standpoint of the speed at which it has reached the states and the manner of the implementation from a job growth perspective. He has touted specific projects and the use of the money to offset state costs.

Governor Hoeven has also been a proponent of state spending to stimulate the economy in the same manner that the federal stimulus was designed to stimulate the economy. This, along with an unwillingness to follow through on tax reduction promises has lead opponents to label Governor Hoeven as a "tax and spend" Republican. Under Governor Hoeven, the state budget of North Dakota has increased greatly over the last few years (28%).


Stimulus: Little Help

In September of 2009, Governor Hoeven was quoted on CNN Money as stating that even though a large sum of money has been allocated to North Dakota, only a small portion of it had reached the state and it had done little to help the economy there.


Governor Hoeven - Economic Stimulus

Several sources have stated that Governor Hoeven's position on stimulus is not as simple as opposition to the federal stimulus plan. He has been a strong proponent of state level stimulus and tax cuts that are not direct cuts, but rather a reduction in overall effective rates due to temporary relief.


Size of North Dakota Budget

In recent years, the state budgets of North Dakota have seen large increases in size (28%) under Governor Hoeven.

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