John Hoeven on Taxes

Last Updated : Jul 19, 2010


Governor Hoeven's has presided over several years of budget surpluses for North Dakota and has stated that when elected to the Senate, he will advocate for the same principles on the national level. As Governor, John Hoeven has advocated for the reduction of property taxes, removal of the marriage penalty, and an increase in the homestead tax credit. Governor Hoeven voiced support for the 2003 Bush Tax cuts.

Despite support for tax cuts, Governor Hoeven has been criticized as a "tax-and-spend" Governor for favoring temporary measures that result in temporary tax relief instead of reductions in tax rates.


North Dakota tax cuts

As one of his "six pillars" Governor Hoeven has advocated for a series of tax cuts that would eliminate the marriage penalty, expand the homestead tax credit, and reduce property tax. 


Support for Bush Tax Cuts

In 2003, Governor Hoeven voiced support for the 2003 Bush Tax cuts in a press release. These tax cuts represented only a small portion of the overall tax cuts implemented by President Bush.


Budget Surplus

As governor of North Dakota, John Hoeven has presided over a budget surplus for North Dakota for most of the time that he has been in office.


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