Gary Johnson on The Paul Ryan Plan

Last Updated : Sep 20, 2011

Raw Story Interview

In May of 2011, Governor Johnosn was quoted on discussing his support for the Paul Ryan plan as a start but stating that the plan should go further.

As president I would sign the plan into law, because it does move forward on the issue. But I think it doesn’t go far enough.

I hate to use the word cut, because somehow that implies hardship. But I believe there would be best practices that emerge that would allow us to do that and still live within our means.

I'm in the camp that believes we’re on the verge of a financial collapse, because there’s just no repaying 14 trillion dollars in debt with a $1.65 trillion dollar deficit going forward.

So if the Paul Ryan Medicare plan is the best that comes out of Congress, yes, I would sign that. But could Congress do better? Yes, and that’s what I would advocate.

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