Gary Johnson on The Federal Reserve

Last Updated : Oct 20, 2011


Governor Johnson has stated that the actions of the Federal Reserve Bank should be more transparent and that it needs to be reviewed and managed effectively. Governor Johnson blames the Federal Reserve Bank for the housing bubble, but also credits them with mitigating that bust. He states that the American people deserve to know the extent to which the Fed has purchased private assets at home and abroad to help ensure that the value of the dollar is not deminished further.

Although he has called for more transparency, he does not feel that the Federal Reserve Bank should be abolished. He is also hesitant about regulating the bank as that would put politicians such as Barney Frank in charge of greater economic power.


Republican Liberty Caucus Interview

In January of 2010, Governor Johnson was interviewed by the Republican Liberty Caucus. He was asked about the federal reserve and monetary policy and states that the federal reserve is responsible for the housing bubble.


Our America Initiative

Governor Johnson started the Our America Initiative in early 2011. On that website, he discusses the need for oversight of the federal reserve system.


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