Gary Johnson on NASA

Last Updated : Sep 22, 2011


Governor Johnson has stated that while he is generally supportive of the space program, the government needs to be cut by 43% to balance the budget and NASA will have to be cut 43% as well


New Hampshire Debate

Governor Johnson was not invited to participate in the Presidential debate held in New Hampshire. However, he did answer each of those questions in a video. When responding to the question on NASA, he noted that NASA would have to be cut by 43% to balance the budget just like everyone else.

I don’t want to trivialize this response, but long-term – and by long term I mean over the course of millions and billions of years – the sun is going to get closer to the Earth and at a point the Earth will not be inhabitable. So the long-term survival of the human race depends on us being able to go to other planets, to actually inhabit other planets.

So in that context, but given the budgetary consequence, I’m believing that government needs to be cut by 43 percent, because that’s the amount of money we’re borrowing and printing for every dollar that we’re spending. In that context, the space program at this point needs to be reduced by 43 percent.

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