Gary Johnson on Libya

Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson has stated that he is opposed to operations in Libya from A-Z. He has noted that there was not congressional authority for such action and that there are several other countries in that region that qualify for the same kind of military intervention.


Reality Report Interview

In March of 2011, Governor Johnson was interviewed by the Reality Report and discussed Libya at length. Governor Johnson was vocal in his opposition to intervention and the foreign policy implications.


Washington Times Op-Ed

In March of 2011, Governor Johnson wrote and op-ed in the Washington Times addressing the subject of Libya. In that op-ed, he notes his views that while Ghaddafi is a bad dictator, he has been in office for 40 years and the US has just now gotten around to addressing the terroriss acts he has committed. Governor Johnson notes that a cynical person would point to the oil in Libya as one reason that the US could be moving into Libya. He also notes the cost of a no-fly zone.


New Hampshire Debate

Governor Johnson was not invited to participate in the Presidential debate held in New Hampshire. However, he did answer each of those questions in a video. When responding to the question about Libya, he states that he completely opposes US involvement in Libya.


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