Gary Johnson on Immigration

Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson believes in open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. He has stated that the border should be dealt with on a free market basis to make it as easy as possible to come to the US and start working. This is based on the libertarian viewpoint that each person has the right to seek out employment and that markets will function best to establish workforces and people will react to those markets.

2012 Election Plan

Governor Johnson has proposed an immigration plan that proposes establishing better border security, establishing a better working relationship with Mexico, setting up a better guest worker program, and making it easier to make illegal aliens legal.

  1. Establish real and cost-effective border securityrn
    1. Continue to encourage and allow legal immigration.
    2. Support current border deterrents and security measures.
  2. Create a temporary guest worker program that makes sensern
    1. Expand and streamline a market based temporary guest worker program.
    2. Enact an application and tracking procedure for guest workers, such as an e-verify system. Procedures must be quick, simple and efficient in providing documentation information, and must meet the needs of both employers and willing workers.
    3. Require guest workers to not only pay income taxes, but also provide proof of adequate health care coverage through insurance, secured savings programs, bonds, or a combination thereof.
    4. Allow spouses and dependents to enter the U.S. with guest workers, but only with proof of adequate health coverage and subject to the same background checks and health requirements.
  3. Impose meaningful enforcement of immigration lawsrn
    1. Establish procedures and devote adequate resources that are sufficient to actually identify illegal immigrants and deport them. Implement a “one strike, you’re out” policy toward illegal immigrants with regard to future eligibility for guest worker programs.
    2. Impose and enforce sanctions and fines for noncompliance with immigration laws by employers that are sufficiently costly, ensuring that the risks simply are not worth the rewards.
  4. Enact a reality-based process for current illegal workers to earn legal statusrn
    1. Allow a two-year grace period during which illegal immigrants already in the U.S. can come forward, pay any taxes owed, provide proof of consistent employment, pass a criminal background check, and apply for guest worker status.
  5. Reduce border crimern
    1. Address the root cause of most border crime by legalizing marijuana, thereby removing 70% of the current cross-border illegal drug trade and replacing cartel and prohibition-related violence with legal, regulated and nonviolent commerce.
  6. Achieve a better working relationship with Mexicorn
    1. Stimulate cross-border investment through a robust, above-board and legal guest worker program.
    2. Strengthen the Mexican government by dramatically weakening the cartels through the legalization of marijuana.
    3. Aggressively negotiate mutually beneficial agreements with Mexico regarding such issues as funds transfers, taxation of income earned in the U.S. by guest workers, and deportation and incarceration of Mexican nationals arrested in the United States.


2010 Governor's Race Comments

In June of 2010, Governor Johnson was interviewed when discussing the 2010 New Mexico Governor's race. He stated that the border should be dealt with on a free market basis and that it should be as easy as possible for someone to come to the US and begin working.


Our America Initiative

Governor Johnson started the America Initiative in early 2011. On that website, he notes he views on immigration and states that the best way to solve illegal immigration is to make it as easy as possible to become US citizens so that they can become taxpayers.



NRO Interview

In January of 2011 Governor Johnson was interviewed by NRO and responded to immigration questions by stating that we needed better documentation for those who are here illegally and we need to make it easier for those who come here legally. He mocks the idea that illegal immigration is causing problems in the US, and states that amnesty does not mean citizenship.


South Carolina Debate

In May of 2011, Governor Johnson participated in the Republican primary debate in South Carolina. He discusses his plan to grant amnesty and give a work visa. He states that there would be a grace period for those here to participate in a grace period to get a work visa.



2012 Presidential Campaign Website Statements


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