Gary Johnson on Health Care

Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson supports a free market approach to health care. He is opposed to government control of the health care market and would seek to severly limit the intrusion of government into the health care market.

Governor Johnson notes that health care is one area where Republicans have faltered in the past with an unfunded mandate in the form of Medicare Part D. He states that he would support the repeal of the program.

Governor Johnson supports the Paul Ryan plan to change Medicaid to a voucher system. He also stated that he would reduce the size of the Medicare / Medicare system by 43% and block grant the full system to the states.

Governor Johnson opposed Obamacare and would act to repeal the law. He proposes a market based approachand a health care insurance system that is privately owned and managed. He supports tort reform to control the costs of frivolous lawsuits.


Boston TEA Party

In December of 2010, Governor Johnson spoke at the Boston TEA Party about health care reform. He notes his affinity for free market health care reform.


Campaign Announcement

Governor Johnson made his announcement speech for the 2012 Presidency in April of 2011. He stated during that speech that he would support the repeal of the Medicare Prescription drug plan known as Medicare part D. He also stated that Obamcare should be repealed.


Reality Report Interview

In March of 2011, Governor Johnson was interviewed by The Reality Report and discussed health care. He states that government can help by removing itself from health care. He notes that the view of health care insurance is flawed. (Remarks start around 9:00)


South Carolina Debate

In May of 2011, Governor Johnson participated in the Republican primary debate in South Carolina. He discusses his plan to see Medicare and Medicaid cut by 50% and block granted to the states.


Raw Story Interview

In May of 2011, Governor Johnosn was quoted on discussing his support for the Paul Ryan plan as a start but stating that the plan should go further.


Our America Initiative

Governor Johnson started the Our America Initiative in early 2011. On that website, he stated that he opposed the 2009-2010 health care reform plans.


Real Clear Politics Interview

In June of 2011, Governor Johnson was interviewed by and discussed health care. He stated that he would block grant Medicare and Medicaid to the states.


Reaction to Health Care Ruling

In July of 2012, Governor Johnson released a video discusing his opposition to health care being run by the government. He states that he would act to repeal Obamacare if elected and that given Governor Romney's history he would not trust him to remove the legislation. (Caution, movie has loud music at the beginning)


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