Gary Johnson on Guantanamo Bay

Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson opposes the indefinite detention of US citizens and prisoners of war from other countries without charging these people and trying them in court. He also opposes the practice of torture.

However, Governor Johnson asserts that there does indeed need to be a place where foreign prisoners of war are held as they are charged and tried in a military tribunal. He does not oppose to using Guantanamo Bay for this purpose. Thus his objections are not to the facility, but to illegal or immoral practices that may occur there.


Freedom Watch Appearance

In April of 2011, Governor Johnson appeared on Fox New's Freedom Watch and was asked if he would close Guantanamo Bay if he were President. He states that if Guantanamo Bay was closed, the same situation would have to be created at a base somewhere else.


UNH House Hangout

In September of 2011, Governor Johnson participated in an internet town hall for the Univeristy of New Hampshire. He was asked about Guantanamo Bay and states that he believes that the practices carried out at Guantanamo Bay need to stop. These practices include holding prisoners without charging them and torture. He stated that while he opposed these things, there needed to be some place to hold and address prisoners of war. If prisoners are legally captured, charged, and tried in a tribunal, then Guantanamo Bay was an acceptable place to do that.


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