Gary Johnson on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson advocates for a free market approach to energy and and a complete removal of government from the energy sector of the economy. This includes ending subsidies to ethanol and other alternative energy markets as well as special incentives to oil, gas and other established forms of energy.

With respect to global warming, Governor Johnson has stated at a campaign event in 2010 that even if man made global-warming was a given, the effects are grossly exaggerated and the amount of money being spent is misguided. In a later 2011 video on Our America Initiative, Governor Johnson stated that he opposed cap-and-trade policies "as they are currently formulated," but did not elaborate on any specific plan.

In other speeches, Governor Johnson has advocated for environmental stewardship more in line with the Libertarian party platform. This includes acknowledging the rights of property owners to be free from pollution from outside sources.

These views were echoed in a March 2012 interview with a Libertarian party leader. He noted in that interview that there was no need to regulate carbon emissions because individual customers were already seeking cleaner energy and the industry was reacting to that desire. He notes that as part of his budget plan, all government bureaucracies, including the EPA would have a 43% reduction in funding. He noted that the EPA would be reduced to fighting true polluters, such as large companies that are too large for private property owners to fight.


Libertarian Campaign Event

In February of 2010, Governor Johnson was speaking to a group of libertarian activits in a campaign event that took place prior to his official announcement. He states that for arguments sake, global warming is real and man-made. The amount of money spent to deal with it is not realistic.


Our America Initiative

Governor Johnson began the Our America Initiative in early 2011. On that website, he talks about the need for clean air, but states that he opposes cap-and-trade legislation.


Campaign Announcement

Governor Johnson made his announcement speech for the 2012 Presidency in April of 2011. He stated that he opposes the cap-and-trade plans and supports free market approaches to energy.


New Hampshire Debate

Governor Johnson was not invited to participate in the Presidential debate held in New Hampshire. However, he did answer each of those questions in a video. He spoke about the need for coal power and his opposition to subsidies.


Erwing Haas Interview

In March of 2012, Governor Johnson was interviewed by Erwin Haas, a Libertarian party state leader. In that interview, he was asked to clarify his environment position. In answering this question, he stated that he would remove government involvement in carbon emissions, but that emissions were being lowered because the customers were seeking lower emission sources from the energy industry.


Libertarian Party Platform

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