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Last Updated : Jul 23, 2012


Governor Johnson is a strong supporter of school choice and returning control of education to the state, local agencies, and parents. Governor Johns asserts that the diversity of choice created by allowing parents to decide where their children will attend school will allow the free market to foster better education tools and results.

During the 2012 election, Governor Johnson stated in numerous interviews that he support the abolition of the Department of Education. One of these interviews was with Unschool Bus in which he supported not only ending the DOE, but also supported home schooling and school choice.

During the Fox News / Google debate, Governor Johnson stated that 11 cents out of every dollar that every state spends, but it comes with 16 cents worth of strings attached. He noted that what America does not understand is that it's a negative to take federal money. He advocated instead to give the money to the 50 states as laboratories of innovation to improve education.

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  • All parents should have an opportunity to choose which school their children attend.
  • Putting educational funds in the hands of the people who use them gives parents and students a vote as to which schools are best and which need to improve.
  • Our children deserve the chance to succeed educationally, but the same old way of thinking won't cut it. It's time to free individuals and states from burdensome federal mandates and regulations so they can pursue the right educational strategies for their students.


  • The Department of Education grants each state 11 cents out of every dollar it spends on education. Unfortunately, every dollar of this money comes with 16 cents of strings attached. States that accept federal funding lose five cents for every dollar spent on education to pay for federal mandates and regulations, taking millions of dollars out of the classroom.
  • Schools should have the authority to decide how best to spend educational dollars. Without federal regulations and mandates, schools could choose to purchase new computers, better lab equipment, and maintain after-school sports and music programs even during times of tight budgets.
  • Once citizens and their local representatives have the freedom to decide how their educational funds will be spent, they can consider innovations that will drive student choice, educational competition, and better results.


Unschool Bus Interview

In April of 2011, Governor Johnson was interviewed by the Unschool bus and spoke about his support for ending the Department of Education, support for home schooling, and support for school choice.


Fox News / Google Debate

On September 22, 2011 Governor Johnson participated in the Fox News / Google debate. He stated that he would advocate for ending the Department of Education.


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