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Last Updated : Jul 20, 2012


Governor Johnson and the Libertarian party are strong proponents of civil liberties. However, Governor Johnson and the party define the term "civil liberty" on very broad terms. It is true that Governor Johnson opposes easdropping, opposes torture, opposes detainment without arrest of foreign nationals and US citizens, supports the repeal or sunsetting of the PATRIOT Act, and supports repealing the detention measures of the NDAA. However, civil liberty is also defined as a woman's right to choose and an immigrants right to cross borders and find work within the US.

In December of 2011, Governor Johnson stated in an interview that he would have vetoed the NDAA had been in office and that he opposed the continued torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and holding those people without charges. These views were reiterated in a Russia Today interview in May of 2012.

In July of 2012, Governor Johnson gave a speech at Freedom Fest in which he stated that Presidents and Congresses from both parties have systematically done to freedom and liberty what no foreign enemy could do. They have robbed us of wealth and used foreign and national events to take liberties from Americans. He noted that the US was not truly threatened by foreign forces and that the US people would have risen up against any foreign force that had done to them what the US government and the banks had done.

In an interview with Shark Tank in 2012, Governor Johnson asserted that he was better than President Obama on civil liberties and crushed Romney on civil liberties. He noted his views on the PATRIOT Act and other measures as proof of this assertion.

Governor Johnson's campaign website calls for restoring habeaus corpus, repealing the PATRIOT Act, and restoring proper judicial oversight to federal investigations federal searches.


Uncensored TV WebCast

In a webcast on December 1, 2011 Governor Johnson participated in a webcast in which he was asked about the recently passed NDAA. He noted that he would veto the legislation if President. He added that the practice of torture at Guantanamo Bay needed to end.


Russia Today Interview

In May of 2012, Governor Johnson appeared on Russia Today and discussed a number of matters relating to civil liberties. He stated that he would repeal the PATRIOT Act and opposed the signing of the NDAA.


Freedom Fest Speech

In July of 2012, Governor Johnson spoke at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas. The text of that speech is shown below, courtesy of the Examiner. In that speech, Governor Johnson addresses a number of civil liberties issues.


Shark Tank Interview

In July of 2012, Governor Johnson was interviewed by SharkTank and stated that he "crushed Obama" when it comes to the economy and was better than him on civil liberties. He also stated that he was better than Romney on the economy and "crushed Romney" when it comes to civil liberties. When asked to clarify that position, he stated that he supported the repeal of the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA.


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