Gary Johnson on Abortion

Last Updated : Jul 20, 2012


Governor Johnson states that he supports the right of a woman to choose up to viability of the fetus. He opposes late term or partial birth abortion and signed legislation as governor outlawing the procedure in New Mexico. He has stated multiple times that he supports parental notification laws and counseling. He has also stated that he opposes government funding for abortions. These beliefs were stated in the South Carolina debate and in a CSPAN interview during the presidential campaign.

Among the various items used during his 2012 campaign was Our America Initiative. On that website, Governor Johnson states that abortion rights were not something dealt with in the constitution and should therefore be dealt with at the state level. He stated that the Roe vs. Wade decision has expanded the reach of the Federal government into areas of society never envisioned in the Constitution and should be revisited. Once Roe vs Wade is overturned, the abortion decision should be returned to the states. This viewpoint is echoed on his campaign website, where he affirms his pro-life stance and states that government should be neutral on personal beliefs.


South Carolina Debate

In May of 2011, Governor Johnson participated in the South Carolina Presidential Debate. When asked about abortion, Governor Johnson stated that he is pro-life after viability of the fetus. He states that he supports parental notification, counseling, and signed a bill opposing partial-birth abortion. He also states that he opposes government funding for abortions.



In a June 2011 CSPAN appearance, Governor Johnson reiterates his previous statements concerning being pro-choice up to viability of the fetus.


Our America Initiative

Governor Johnson started an initiative called Our America Initiative. He stated that he was pro-choice, but opposed late-term abortions.


2012 Presidential Campaign Website Statements


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