Diane Denish on Immigration

Last Updated : Sep 09, 2010


Lt. Governor Denish supports amnesty for illegal aliens. When speaking at a conference, Lt. Gov. Denish made bizarre comments about upsetting people who have been in the US for over 400 years in an apparent recognition that there are those within the US who do not fall under US laws and may have a stronger claim on the land. She also stated that there was a need to secure the border. 


Domenici Border Conference

When speaking at the Pete Domenici Conference in September of 2010, Lt Gov. Denish stated that there were people who have been in this country 400 years who would feel like outsiders if the US attempted to enforce US laws.


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Crime and Border Security

Keeping our Borders Safe and Secure: Lieutenant Governor Denish knows that our border with Mexico is a crucial transit point for billions of dollars of economic activity, but unfortunately, it is also a transit point for narcotics and weapons. That’s why Diane has worked with federal border agents, the New Mexico National Guard and local law enforcement officials to develop legislative proposals to improve security along our border. Diane joined the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Director to announce millions of dollars for crime enforcement, technology upgrades and enhanced communication along our borders.


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