Chris Christie on Immigration

Last Updated : Oct 03, 2011


Governor Christie supports amnesty for illegal aliens. He has expressed support for a pathway to citizenship. 


Dover Church Forum

In April of 2008, U.S. Attorney Chris Christie spoke at a forum in a church in Dover. He stated in that speech that there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant.


Politico Appearance

In July of 2010, Governor Christie gave an interview with Politico and stated that he opposed the Arizona immigration law allowing state law enforcement officers to inquire as to immigration status


This Week Appearance

In an appearance on "This Week" in July of 2010, Governor Christie noted his support for a "pathway to citizenship" for illegal aliens. He notes the previous demogogary and that states are overwhelmed by dealing with the problem.


Reagan Library Speech

In September of 2011, Governor Christie spoke on policy issues. When asked about immigration, he stated that he opposed in-state tuition for illegal aliens.



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