Chris Christie on Health Care

Last Updated : Oct 19, 2010

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Providing Affordable, Quality Healthcare

The Challenge

New Jerseyans are hurting during these tough economic times and the rising cost of health insurance is placing an increasingly heavy burden on families throughout the state. Furthermore, soaring costs of health insurance are preventing individuals without insurance from being able to afford quality coverage. As of 2008, an estimated 1.2 million New Jersey citizens were uninsured.

The Solution

Governor Christie is pursuing four steps to increase coverage and improve the quality of healthcare for New Jerseyans:

  • Increase the number of affordable health insurance options through increased competition.
  • Emphasize early detection and preventive care.
  • Eliminate the assessment (i.e. tax) on individual and small group premiums.
  • Fight fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare and health insurance systems.


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