Mark Lakers on Health Care

Last Updated : Aug 17, 2010


Mr. Lakers has not addressed the 2009 health care reform legislation and notes that the Heineman administration has behaved in a "heartless" manner towards the disenfranchised in Nebraska.


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My wife, Jackie, is a school nurse—and has been in virtually every healthcare environment during her nursing career. She has seen firsthand the challenges and health issues that Nebraska families face—especially school-aged children. The long-term health of Nebraska is directly related to the health and vitality of its citizens. While healthcare reform is underway on the federal level, we also have a responsibility in our state to see to it that people have options in terms of taking care of themselves and their families.

Healthcare is just another area in which Heineman has shown his truly heartless attitude toward the disenfranchised in Nebraska. His “solution” to the horrific situation at the Beatrice State Development Center was basically to shift responsibility for care and cost to communities, families and hospitals that are unprepared and/or unable to absorb this burden. Sure, it makes the state budget look better, but…

He politicized prenatal care and turned into an immigration issue instead of the medical, moral and economic issue that it actually is.


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