Tim Pawlenty on Stem Cell Research

Last Updated : Aug 12, 2011

South Carolina Debate

In May of 2011, Governor Pawlenty participated in the South Carolina Presidential Debate. He was asked about embryonic stem cell research. He notes that he supports adult derived stem cells, but opposed embryonic stem cell research.

Shannon: Governor Pawlenty, just days ago a federal court struck down the ban on using federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. You identify yourself as strongly pro-life but don't oppose government funding research on existing stem cell lines already derived from embryos. Isn't that still spending taxpayer money on elements generated by at some point destroying an embryo?

Pawlenty: As to stem cell research it holds great promise and I support stem cell research. I think it should be adult derived. By theway, Shannon, most of the therapies and breakthroughs that we are seeing interms of treatment are coming from adult derived stem cell research. I strongly support that. As to embryonic stem cell research, I don't think we should pursue although President Bush when he was in office said he would allow and authorize the use of research on certain stem cell lines for which the embryo had already previously been destroyed before the issue came to his desk or came to his attention. I did support his approach for that limited window of stem cell research on those existing lines for which the embryo had already been destroyed. 

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