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Last Updated : Jul 13, 2012


Governor Romney strongly opposes the Employee Free Choice Act known as Card Check. In 2006, he wrote an op-ed about the legislation, which he vetoed while Governor of Massachusetts. The law was passed by the subsequent Governor, resulting in the unionization of a charter school and Governor Romey's article tells a "cautionary tale" of what can happen when card check is in place. Governor Romney states that the legislation tilts the playing field in favor of unions, robs workers of a secret ballot, and deprives management of the right to express its point of view.

In August of 2011, Governor Romney participated in the "Palmetto Forum." During this discussion, he stated that he supported a national right to work law. He was also critical of government unions and the practice of unions collecting dues which it then uses to support political allies or causes. In the economic section of his 2012 campaign website, Governor Romney states that one item he will seek to do is eliminate he corrosive effects of union bosses on productive companies.

2012 Economic Plan

Governor Romney made labor policy a central facet of economic plan for the 2012 presidency. In that plan, Governor Romney lists criticisms of President Obama's actions relating to labor. First, Governor Romney notes that President Obama has been pushing for the Card Check legislation which he says is an effort to repay labor forces for the 2008 election by providing a mechanism to garner more members.

As further prrof of paybacks, Governor Romney notes that President Obama intervined in the GM bankruptcy to provide special favoritism to UAW beyond the law. The plan is also critical of President Obama's executive order after taking office that encouranging Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) in government contracting.

Finally, Governor Romney opposes the actions of the NLRB in bringing a lawsuit against Boeing for moving a plant to South Carolina and its efforts to implement "snap elections" in which employers have as little as ten days in which to organize a counter-campaign after union organizers formally filed a petition to vote.

In presenting his platform on labor, Governor Romney pledges to appoint members to the National Labor Relations Board that will not exceed their authority, such as in the Boeing case. He also pledges to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act.

Finally, Governor Romney states that he will send a bill to Congress that prohibits the use of mandatory union dues for political purposes. He asserts that practice is fundamentally inconsistent with democratic principles and that there is no legitimate reason for employees to face automatic paycheck deductions for political expenditures that they may not support.


Cautionary Tale of Card Check

On March 25, 2009 Governor Romney wrote an article for the Washington Times titled "Cautionary tale of card check ." In that article, he expresses his viewpoints on the Employee Free Choice Act.


Believe in America Plan

On September 6, 2011 Governor Romney proposed the Believe in America Plan as part of his 2012 Presidential campaign. Labor policy is prominently featured in that plan.


Palmetto Freedom Forum

In August of 2011, Governor Romney participated in the Palmetto Freedom Forum. He was asked about unions and stated that he would support a national right to work law.


TEA Party Debate

In September of 2011, Governor Romney participated in the TEA party Presidential debate. He speaks briefly about his support for right-to-work laws and his opposition to the NLRB actions related to Boeing.


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