Mitt Romney on The War in Afghanistan

Last Updated : Dec 28, 2011


Governor Romney supported the surge of troops into Afghanistan by President Obama, but was critical of the timeline attached to those troops. As part of his 2012 campaign, Governor Romney has stated that he would advocate for removing troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible, but only if the advisors on the ground agree.


New Hampshire Debate

In June of 2011, Governor Romney participated in the Presidential debate in New Hampshire. He stated that only Afghanistan can win independence for the people of Afghanistan.


Iowa Debate

In August of 2011, Governor Romney participated in the Republican Presidential debate in Ames, Iowa. He is asked about previous statements on Afghanistan and notes that the Afghani people and troops need to take on their own security. He is critical of President Obama's decision to draw down troops without the support of the Generals.


CBS Foreign Policy Debate

On November 11, 2011 Governor Romney participated in the CBS foreign policy debate. He was asked about the size of the force in Afghanistan and the possibility of negotiating with the Taliban.


CNN National Security Debate

On November 22, 2011 Governor Romney participated in the national security debate on CNN. He was asked about the cost of keeping troops in Afghanistan and speaks about the need to bring Afghanistan and Pakistan 


Foreign Policy White Paper

In November of 2011, Governor Romney's Presidential campaign released a white paper on foreign policy. Afghanistan and Pakistan were two countries that were focused on in that paper.

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