Mitt Romney on Stem Cell Research

Last Updated : Jun 22, 2011


Governor Romney supports stem cell research, as long as no life is created or destroyed for the purposes of that research. For this reason, he opposes embryonic stem cell research unless a line already in existence is used or the stem cells are donated from the result of in vitro fertilization.

In July of 2005, Governor Romney vetoed Massachusetts legislation that allowed cloning of embryos through somatic cell nuclear transfer, embryo cloning, or the farming of embryos, and creating new embryos. Prior to that veto, Governor Romney stated that while he supported research on adult stem cells and research using already existing embryonic stem cells, ethical boundaries must be maintained.

In 2007, Governor Romney cited this legislation as one of the principal motivators to encourage his move to a pro-life stance. He notes that the cavalier attitude taken by researchers to create and then destroy life after 14 days caused him to belief that those ethical boundaries were being overstepped. 

Later in 2007, Governor Romney noted that scientific advancements were allowing stem cells to be produced without the need to create new life. He noted that these scientific advancements were negating the need for a moral problem in this area and that Congressional Democrats should stop pushing ahead with legislation to allow embryonic research.


Ethical Boundaries

On March 8, 2005 Governor Romney gave a brief press conference and was asked about the upcoming stem cell legislation. He stated that he supported stem cell research but that ethical lines needed to be drawn.


Surplus Embryos

On May 27, 2005 Governor Romney stated in a press conference that he was proposing the use of surplus embryonic stem cells, but that he opposed the creation of new lines of embryonic stem cells purely for research purposes.


Hugh Hewitt Appearance

In July of 2005, Governor Romney appeared on the Hugh Hewitt program and discussed a number of issued. One of those issues was stem cell research.


National Review Institute

In January of 2007, Governor Romney spoke at the National Review Institute and stated that he opposed the destruction of human life at 14 days for the purposes of stem cell research.


A Stem Cell Solution

On June 15, 2007 Governor Romney issued an op-ed in the National Review Online discussing stem cells. He notes the advancements in research methods that negate the need to destroy life.



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