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Last Updated : Dec 28, 2011


Governor Romney has stated that he supported military action in Libya in 2011. He was critical of of President Obama's hesitance for action in Libya in a radio interview in March of 2011 and stated that the Libyan incident was typical of President Obama's lacking overall foreign policy. Governor Romney noted that President Obama had been inconsistent in pushing for America's interests by stating that he’s committed to our success in Afghanistan unless it means commitment beyond 2011, that he stands with Israel but condemns its settlement policy more than Hamas’ rocket attacks, and that he calls for the removal of Muammar Gaddafi, but then conditions our action on the directions we get from the Arab League and the United Nations. Governor Romney stated that President Obama's lack of foreign policy contributed to the problem by forcing him to  delegate to the United Nations and the Arab League a decision about our involvement in Libya.

In an op-ed piece in April of 2011, Governor Romney referred to President Obama's policy on Libya as "mission muddle" with an inability to determine if the US was there for humanitarian reasons or to oust Qaddafi.

In August of 2011, Governor Romney stated that he was happy that it looked like Ghaddafi would be removed soon, but that he wanted to see the Lockerbie bomber extradited to the US.


Hugh Hewitt Appearance

On March 21, 2011 Governor Romney appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Radio show and discussed the recent air strikes on Libya, and it's affects on foreign policy.


Mission Muddle

On April 21, 2011 Governor Romney wrote an op-ed that appeared on the National Review Online concerning the muddling of the mission in Libya. 


Extradite Libyan Bomber

On August 22, 2011 Governor Romney issued a statement from his campaign website calling upon the rebel government to hand over the Lockerbie bomber to the US or another government.


Campaign Foreign Policy Position

In November of 2011, Governor Romney issued a position paper on foreign policy. This paper covered Libya as well as other nations.



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