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Last Updated : Sep 19, 2012


On September 17, 2012 the left leaning website Mother Jones released a video of Governor Romney speaking at a May 17 fundraiser, which was held at the home of private equity mogul Mark Leder. The video showed Governor Romney being asked about how he expects to win when the previous administration has built a loyal base of people who believe that they will be taken care of by the government.

In Governor Romney's response, he asserts that roughly 47% of the population does not pay income tax and falls into that group of people who expect not to pay government, but to be provided for through government means. He stated that these people believe that they are victims who are entitled to health care, food, housing, and other things. He stated that the President starts this election with those people already in his corner, and his job is to convinve the remaining Americans to vote for him.

When questioned about the remarks, Governor Romney stated that there was nothing the fundraising speech that was substantively different than the public speeches. He noted that in speeches, you typically talk about your vision and not the demographics of an election while people at fundraisers want to know that you can win.


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Not Elegantly Stated

A few days after the tape was released, Governor Romney was asked if he was backing away from the statements within the tape and he responds by stating that his message in the tape may not have been elegantly stated but they are consistent with the message that is being given on the campaign trail.


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