Deval Patrick on The Economy

Last Updated : Oct 05, 2010


Governor Patrick supports the stimulus package, but has been questioned on the efficiency of distributing those funds. Governor Patrick states that the state of Massachusetts is poised to come out of the recession quicker and stronger than other states thanks to his policies.

The highlights of Governor Patrick's plan are: 

  • Landmark life sciences and biotech investments
  • Designating Growth Districts to spur economic development and create jobs
  • MORE Jobs Grant Program
  • More money in your pocket: managed auto insurance reform
  • The largest affordable housing investment in state history
  • Reestablished an Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
  • Funding increase for the summer jobs program
  • State funded worker job training
  • Investing federal stimulus funds in workforce training to help people find new jobs
  • Reorganized the state's labor relations agencies to save money and increase productivity
  • Updating and preserving state unemployment benefits
  • Taking on the underground economy and employee misclassification
  • Launched the Massachusetts Regional Workforce Strategy Initiative to create jobs across the Commonwealth


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