Pat Quinn on Ethics

Last Updated : Jul 27, 2010


Governor Quinn was sworn in after Governor Blagojevich was arrested for corruption in trying to sell the Senate seat previously held by President Obama and numerous other ethics violations. To change this system, he has called for changes to the campaign finance system that would put limits on campaign donations, requirements for disclosure, openness and fairness. Among the changes are:

  • timely public disclosure of every contribution of $1,000 or more;
  • Quarterly (now just twice a year) financial reports from political committees
  • Creation of a bipartisan task force to analyze the new limits and recommend improvements that will bring further transparency and accountability to campaign finance in Illinois.
  • expansion of the prohibited “promises or offers” language in the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, making it illegal to offer jobs, state contracts, board or commission appointments, or regulatory or legislative favoritism in exchange for campaign contributions.

Governor Quinn has also called for lobbying reform, state purchasing reform, and expanding the powers of the inspectors general.


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