Pat Quinn on Education

Last Updated : Jul 27, 2010


Governor Quinn is a strong supporter of the public education system and has secured a great deal of funds from the "Race to the top program". He also supports increased academic and financial scrutiny of charter schools and is opposed to school vouchers. In one of his campaign ads, Governor Quinn uses the phrase "It's everybody in, nobody left out" to describe his views that everyone should be in the public school system.


Opposition to vouchers

In March of 2010, in response to a school voucher program in the Illinois state legislature, Governor Quinn made the following statements opposing vouchers and favoring charter schools.

QUINN: Well I'm not in favor of vouchers. I'm gonna watch the process - it's got to go to the House (of Representatives). I believe in public charter schools, and I've actually signed a bill this past year that expands the number of those across our state


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