C.L. Otter on The Second Amendment

Last Updated : Aug 24, 2010




Campaign Website Statements

Governor Otter is a proud lifetime member of the NRA and believes the right to bear arms is one of the most important liberties of a free society. In 2009, he supported and signed legislation into law that protected employers from civil liability if they allowed employees to keep firearms in their vehicles or on the business premises. That same year, he also signed two bills that allowed individuals to carry firearms in state parks and protected the right to lawfully purchase and possess firearms even during a declaration of martial law. In the following legislative session, Governor Otter supported and signed a bill that removed federal regulations from firearms and ammunition manufactured and kept in Idaho. During that same session, he also signed into law provisions to provide extra time for Idaho men and women serving in the military overseas to renew their concealed weapons permits. While Governor Otter is a strong proponent of the right to bear arms, he has also supported and signed into law tougher prison sentences for criminals who discharge firearms at homes, occupied buildings or vehicles and endanger innocent individuals.


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