James R. Aiona Jr. on Energy and the Environment

Last Updated : Sep 17, 2010

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Creating Our Own Clean Energy

Duke Aiona is committed to realizing the promise of a clean energy future, and he will ensure we do so in an environmentally-friendly way that makes economic sense and moves our state toward greater self-sufficiency.

When electricity and gas prices skyrocketed last year, Hawai`i’s families got a crude reminder that we are more than 90% dependent on foreign fossil fuel, making Hawai‘i the most oil dependent state and region in America.

Remaining dependent on the volatile oil market threatens our environment and our energy and economic security. Fortunately, Duke Aiona has set a new course.

Through energy efficiency and such renewable sources as wind, solar, ocean, bioenergy and geothermal power, Duke is committed to generating 70% or more of our power from clean energy before 2030.

By creating more of our own clean energy, we can keep up to $5 billion circulating in our local economy, stimulating the economy and creating jobs. We can also protect our environment and draw upon the rich, renewable sources of our ‘aina to become more self-reliant and model stewards for the rest of the world.

Duke believes clean energy is not an option – it is a necessary part of a better future.


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