Karen Handel on The Economy

Last Updated : Sep 10, 2010


Karen Handel has stated that the economy was related to education, tax and regulatory policy, transportation, water and health care.


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Karen believes that the best way to grow our economy and create jobs is to provide comprehensive, statewide and long-term solutions in education, tax and regulatory policy, transportation, water and health care. Georgia is a natural magnet for job creation because of its location, hard working citizens and its low taxes. We are limited only by our educational and physical infrastructures which are showing the strain of rapid population growth.

While addressing these infrastructure needs, Georgia's next governor must continue Governor Perdue's record of attracting diverse new businesses to every corner of our state, including businesses from the manufacturing, service, technology and logistics sectors.

Karen believes we need to work hard to retain the current major businesses and corporate headquarters that have already come to Georgia and continue efforts to recruit more. Karen also believes that we need a new focus on attracting and helping small and medium-sized businesses to Georgia. Small business is the real economic backbone of Georgia and the true key to job growth.


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