Karen Handel on Ethics

Last Updated : Sep 10, 2010


As SoS, Karen Handel launched a transparency in government website that allowed citizens to view the state budget.


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Transparency and Ethics

Karen established a new ethics policy in 2007, which limits gifts to employees (including herself!), establishes a nepotism policy to address cronyism, and requires a one-year “cooling off” period before employees can take lobbying positions with companies seeking to do business with the agency.

It is also important to Karen for government to “let the light shine in.” Georgians turn to the Secretary of State’s Office for important consumer information regarding license holders and securities professionals. Unfortunately, a decades-old policy of allowing “secret orders” kept this information in the dark. The public now has access to the information on most of the Office's actions and can find much of this information on the agency’s website. Open records requests are approached with the attitude of determining what can be provided instead of focusing on how not to provide information.

In 2008, Karen launched the Transparency in Government Initiative website (SOS.GEORGIA.GOV/TIG), which allows citizens to view the agency’s FY 2009 budget and monthly budget expenditures, her campaign and personal financial disclosures, and the agency’s Ethics Policy.

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