Karen Handel on Education

Last Updated : Sep 10, 2010


Karen Handel has expressed support for school choice and the expansion of charter schools in Georgia. 


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Georgia has made progress in some important areas of education, including graduation rates, SAT scores, and making the creation and approval of Charter Schools easier for parents. However, Karen thinks there is still much more work that has to be done.

As Governor, Karen will work with parents, teachers and community leaders to develop programs and innovative approaches to attack the problem of the still unacceptable drop-out rate for our children.

While doing everything we can to keep our children in school through graduation is a priority, so is preparing them for life after high school, whether through continuing education in college or technical schools, or through entering the workforce.

Too many of our children are graduating from high school lacking the skills to be successful in college or in a job. In college, too many of our students are having to take remedial classes because they lack the skills to enter basic college classes.

Karen wants to expand and grow the number of Charter Schools in Georgia so that parents and students have choices for their education. Thanks to recent changes in the law, the process for approving Charter Schools is now easier and less cumbersome. We must take advantage of this and grow the number of these schools in Georgia.


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