Meg Whitman on Taxes

Last Updated : Sep 10, 2010


Meg Whitman has vowed to cut spending, reduce the government workforce, and lower taxes. The main bullet points for this plan include:

  • Tax Plan
    • Eliminate the Small Business Start-Up Tax
    • Eliminate the Factory Tax
    • Increase the Research and Development Tax Credit
    • Promote Investments for the Agriculture Industry
    • Eliminate the State Tax on Capital Gains
    • Establish Academic Enterprise Zones
    • Accelerate Depreciation of New Business Equipment
    • Provide a $10,000 Tax Credit for Home Purchases
    • Provide a Tax Credit for Green Tech Job Creation
    • A Final Word: California’s Debt Crisis
  • Cut Spending
    • Control the Rapid Growth in State Spending
    • Institute a Strict Spending Cap
    • Defend the Two-Thirds Budget Requirement
    • Turn Sacramento Into a Part-Time Legislature
  • Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of State Government
    • Harness the Power of Modern Technology to Reduce Costs
    • Empower a Grand Jury-Style Approach to Root Out Fraud
    • Establish a Sunset Commission to Cut Wasteful Spending
    • Consolidate Departments and Eliminate Outdated Agencies
    • Reduce the State Workforce by 40,000
    • Reform Health Care Spending on Prison Inmates
    • Stop Running America’s Largest Law Firm
    • Reform Civil Service Laws and Institute Merit Pay for State Workers


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