Meg Whitman on Immigration

Last Updated : Oct 20, 2010


Meg Whitman's views on illegal immigration have altered throughout the course of the election. She has expressed support for amnesty numerous times through a "comprehensive plan" and has expressed opposition to Arizona's efforts to enforce valid US laws. However, her campaign website dictates a strong stance against awarding illegal aliens with access to colleges, and she calls for using the national guard to secure the border and an end to sanctuary cities. During the gubernatorial debate, Meg Whitman stated that she opposed amnesty through a pathway to citizenship. Given the sum of her statements, it appears that Mrs Whitman favors granting citizenship to all illegal aliens and then the requirements that illegal aliens not attend colleges and receive driver's licenses is no longer applicable.


Opposition to Amnesty


Support for Amnesty


Legalization is not amnesty

At a campaign event, Meg Whitman stated that their position was no different than Democrat candidate Jerry Brown's.

In a campaign commercial on Univision, Meg Whitman said the following in Spanish:


Opposition to Arizona Style Law


Latino Business


Debate Question - Opposition to Amnesty


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